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It’s been over 2 months since the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) went on an indefinite strike and it’s sad the halt it has caused in the academic calendar. It’s really not anybody’s prayer that the strike lasts longer than it already has but it’s important that students make quality use of the time in their hands now. Why while away time sitting at home and eating mummy’s food when there are a couple of lucrative things you can actually do with your time. No knowledge or experience in life is ever lost.


It is actually true that most students will spend this time on frivolities and make absolutely no use of it. But you can be different and make 100% use of the time by doing one or a few of the following things listed below.

1.       LEARN A SKILL

The strike period gives you the opportunity to learn a new skill. There are quite a number of skills available for you to learn. There’s tailoring, baking, bead making, photography etc. Engage yourself productively and build this skill with the time you have available especially in this era where certificates alone might not be enough to make a living for you. These skills can also come in handy to enable you make money on campus when the strike is finally called off.


If you desire to be an entrepreneur, the best time to start building is now. If peradventure you already have a particular skill, you can as well start making money and selling your brand. To do this, read my article on STEPS TO TAKE WHEN STARTING A BUSINESS. You may be selling a product or providing a service; take the opportunity to market yourself and your business. This could come in very handy later in life.

3.         GET A JOB

Another useful thing you can do is to get a job. There are lots of teaching and intern jobs available. There can actually be one around you. Do well to seize such opportunity and make some extra cash during this strike period.

As a matter of fact, it is better if you work in a company or office related to your field of study. This will serve as an avenue for learning also. The time spent will provide you with educational information and help you acquire necessary work ethics.


Ever heard of sites like Edx? They provide you with professional certificate courses. Why not use this time to build your CV? This will definitely come in handy later in life, probably when you enter into the labour market. Read more about this in my article on PREPARING FOR THE LABOUR MARKET. Short online courses are available for you to get involved with. Check out Edx here


There are lots of NGOs and other organizations in need of human labour in one field or the other. You can volunteer on any of these platforms and contribute towards the betterment of humanity. Working with NGOs can be very productive, as it exposes you to opportunities, training, travelling and networking. So make good use of this time available to you.

In addition, you could attend seminars and competitions also if you have passion for such things. Don’t waste all your time doing nothing. The truth is no one knows how long the strike will last, Get busy, get active.

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