How to beat your Post UTME Cut-off Mark

AdmissionIf you successfully passed your jamb, I want to say big congratulations to you but if you are yet to take your jamb and you’re reading this article, I suggest you first take a look at my article on how to write jamb cbt exam and score above 280. 

Back to the main gist, you are yet another step closer to studying your dream course. But remember, it is never over till it is over. You still have one more mountain to crumble. Many students actually pass jamb only to flop in their post utme. But for what reason? Overconfidence? Well that will not be your portion. I’m here to show you how to beat your post utme cut-off mark and be assured of your admission.


What do i need to do?



The major reason for many students flop in their post utme examinations is because of lack of proper information. You have to be properly informed on how the exam is going down. There a  number of questions you must find answers to before the actual exam day. Some of these questions to be answered include:

  • What type of exam is it? (Computer based or Paper Based exam)
  • What subjects am I writing?
  • How much time is going to be given to me?
  • Are calculators going to be allowed?
  • What is my department’s cut-off mark

These and many more questions you should find answers to. Conduct a background check on the school environment, the distance from your residence and proper provision for accommodation if you will be spending the night there. Nothing at all should be taken for granted because it could be detrimental to you in one way or the other. Also, try as much as possible to get these information from people who are familiar with the system and not regular jambites like you. Jambites are fellow post utme candidates. THE MOST IMPORTANT INFORMATION YOU SHOULD GET IS YOUR DEPARTMENT’S CUT –OFF MARK


After getting to know your department’s cut-off mark, you need to get to work. Set a target and work towards achieving it. You can break a record in that university by having the highest post utme score ever recorded. Always set a target far above your department’s cut-off mark. For example, if the cut-off mark is 55, set a target to score say 70 or 75. Always set your target above the benchmark so as to make room for little allowance. Once you have successfully set this target, pick up your books and study. Study like your life depends on it. Take the pain to study and watch your star shine bright.


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The system has made it so easy now because Post UTME past questions are flying around, online and in hard copy. Never feel you can do it on your own without practicing past questions. You will only be deceiving yourself. Past questions are always being sold at the various universities at very affordable rates. Even if you cannot afford it, meet someone who has and make a photocopy. Study enough of them because they are usually repeated. I just revealed a secret to you.


No go do oversabi! Do what you are told. The university is not secondary school, no one knows you and you know no one. You might disobey an instruction and be gravely penalized for it. If you are told not to make use of calculators, do not make use of them. If you are told to use just pencils, obey the instructions. Disobedience to instructions have made many intelligent students sit at home for another year because they failed their post utme.. Also, when your papers are given to you, read the instructions again and again no matter how confident you feel you know what’s written there.

5.     PRAY TO GOD

In conclusion, my brother and sister, pray to God. If God wants you to get admission, no one can stop it, not even the Vice chancellor. Table your matter before God. Tell him what you want to study and the score you want to have. There are even people who might have done very terribly in their post UTME but by God’s grace alone they were still granted admission. So do well to pray for grace. If you no involve God, Wetin you gain bros?



Have a good night rest the day before your exam. This will make your brain to be fully alert and responsive on the day of your exam. Also, eat lightly and avoid over feeding yourself. Have all your materials in place so as to avoid borrowing and distracting yourself. Post UTME exams are time sensitive. So i will advise you have a wrist watch to keep track of time.

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