Why You Do Not Get Shortlisted for Scholarships When You Apply

Applying for scholarshipsMany times, I hear students complain about not being shortlisted for scholarships they apply for after going through all the application hustle and bustle. You may have been wondering by now whether it is your village people that are hindering you from getting the scholarship. Well, it might actually be them, or the fault might be from you, who are not doing it rightly.

In my first and second year in the university, my applications for various scholarships were never accepted. This was most likely because I wasn’t doing it rightly. Not until my third year in school when I changed my tactics and became a beneficiary of the MTNFoundation Scholarship.

Scholarships are very nice. Just imagine getting paid yearly by a company for being a good student. Then again, imagine being paid by not just 1 company but several companies. Do you know that you can be a beneficiary of several scholarships? Agbami, MTNF, Fsb, Shell, etc. So, because I am very interested in your academic success, I want to show you some of these things so you can know exactly where to make changes.




Firstly, the major reason why you don’t get shortlisted for that scholarship you apply for is because of poor documentation. Many people usually upload incomplete documents or documents with very poor clarity but still expect to be shortlisted. Take the pains to do what needs to be done and anything worth doing is worth doing well. Always make sure that all documents you submit meet the requirements of the scholarship board. If you are asked for red background passport, give them red. Oversabi should not make you give them white.  I will further break this down into other parts

i)                    Wrong File Formats:

All your documents must be original and coloured. NOTE that most scholarship boards prefer jpg file format for scanned documents. Sometimes, pdf may also be asked of you but do well to stick to what is requested. If it is not stated, do well to use jpg file format.

ii)                  Wrong Naming of Files:

You can’t expect the scholarship board to sort out your files for you. Are you paying them? Or they are paying you? Your files must be arranged and sent to them, in the order they ask for it. It is highly important you name your files. E.g. If you are sending a scan of your WAEC result, the file should be named as WAEC RESULT.jpg. Exactly this way. It should be so for all other files too.

iii)                False Documents:

Make sure you do not use false or forged documents. It is incriminating and will get you disqualified immediately. Apply with the right documents. If you do not have ant, get it.

iv)                Wrong File Size:

Usually, scholarship boards request for file sizes between 200kb to 500kb. Don’t send too large or too small sized photos. If your photo is too large, there are applications like CamScanner you can use to bring down the size. Applying with wrong photo size can make you lose the scholarship.


·        LOW CGPA

Also, know the criteria before you enter the stress of applying. If your GPA isn’t up to the benchmark, applying will only be a waste of your time and money. Also read my article on HOW TO REVIVE YOUR CGPA IN YOUR THIRD OR FINAL YEAR


Another problem is the Apply for Me Syndrome. Students usually give their documents to people to help them apply without being present to cross check details filled and sensitive information. The funny thing is that they use this wrong information to apply for all the scholarships and end up getting shortlisted for none. If you cannot do it on your own and you need someone to assist you, make sure you are there to monitor what they do because there are also people who can defraud you through it.


For this reason, I will advise you to stay tuned to MY INFORMATION DESK for regular updates on scholarships. Most scholarships have deadlines and those who apply early are usually given preference over those who apply late. So stick with us for steady information.


lastly, multiple applications will do more harm to you than good. This disqualifies you automatically sometimes and prevents you from being shortlisted. Sometimes, it might also be overlooked. But take heed to instructions.


In conclusion, applying for scholarships could be stressful at times, but take the pain to apply properly, get shortlisted, write the exam and  smile to the bank with your gbagam alert.

in addition, stick with us for regular scholarship updates. We are concerned about your success.


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