How to Start Reading for Your 2019 JAMB and WAEC

Jamb and WaecIt is very normal to be a bit confused on how to start reading for your SSCE exams. I received a lot of messages from people asking me how they can start reading for their 2019 JAMB and WAEC examinations. If you are also having this problem, this post will definitely give you some clarity.

Usually, people who may have written these exams before but didn’t come out successful are fond of asking where they can start reading from. This is because it is not really easy to start reading once you already stopped reading for a while.

So if you are

  • Writing these exams for the first time (Please you need to read on how to pass WAEC in one sitting)
  • Writing again because you were denied admission
  • Or writing again because you weren’t given your choice course; I have a lot of information that will be helpful to you.

The truth is that the longer you leave your book, the farther is goes away from you. So, you have to get back on track and study effectively if you want to pass your forth coming exams. That aside, let’s get down to business


If you are confused on how to get back on the reading track, here’s how you should start reading for your 2019 JAMB and WAEC.

First off,


This is the first thing you must do. It has been a long time you went close to your book, so what you must do is to work on your mindset. Get your brain ready for the task ahead. Leave distractions beside and tell yourself “I have something I must achieve”. Always remind yourself that you do not want to stay at home for one year and you want to get into the university. This alone should motivate you. Your determination is the first step to your success.


You cannot start reading for your 2019 JAMB and WAEC without having the necessary materials. Just like that boring statement our teachers always made “Can you go to the farm without your tools?”  Well it was boring to me but it is very true. Get a hold of everything you need to start reading. Here is a list of them

  • A suitable environment
  • School Notebooks
  • Textbooks
  • Calculator
  • A clock to time yourself (I have some tips that will help you on improving exam speed and beating the time)
  • 2019 Jamb and Waec Syllabus
  • Jamb and Waec Past Questions
  • Mathematical set.

You must have each and every one of these things to properly prepare for what is ahead of you.


Here is where the work lies. You have to take the bull by the horn, face your fear. To start of your reading, follow these steps.

  • Step 1: Go through your JAMB and WAEC syllabus, so as to know what you are to read and focus on
  • Step 2: Start off by skimming through your favorite subjects and topics back in school. E.g. Geography (Climate)
  • Step 3: Read through these subjects and topics you love e.g. (by now they should be bringing some good memories)
  • Step 4: Gradually move to other topics you love in that same subject
  • Step 5: Go to another subject you love and repeat the same thing.

You will observe that your interest in reading has begun to revive and you now have some sense of direction. You notice that you are actually covering more grounds and getting more acquainted with all you need to cover.

Also, do well to practice past questions from time to time. This will help you gain more understanding and become better in your preparation.

In conclusion, I suggest you read my articles on


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Thank You and Success all the way!


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