35 Hot likely JAMB 2019 Government Questions and Answers

The exams are drawing closer and there is need for more intense preparation for the task ahead.  I’ll be dropping some hot Government questions and answers for you guys to access yourselves with.

These questions and answers will cover most topics in the 2019 JAMB syllabus. Also, you may want to go through likely exam questions from the sweet sixteen novel by Bolaji Abdullahi and JAMB 2019 CRK Questions and Answers.

So without further or do, here are some possible Government questions and answers that will help you in your forth coming examinations. The answers will be placed below the questions. If you need any clarity or explanation in any of the questions, do well to drop a comment in the comment section below.




  1. A political system where a few rule is known as
  • Monarchs
  • Oligarchy
  • Gerontocracy
  • Technocracy


  • ANS: Oligarchy


  1. The Police force belongs to which arm of government
  • Executive
  • Judiciary
  • Peace making
  • Legislative


  • ANS: Executive


  1. Which of these is a major achievement of nationalism in Nigeria?
  • Social equality
  • Economic Independence
  • Political Consciousness
  • Cultural Superiority


  • ANS: Political Consciousness



  1. The Council of State has the responsibility to advise the president on
  • National Emergencies
  • The appointment of ministers
  • Electoral Process
  • Prerogative of Mercy


  • ANS: National Emergencies


  1. Bulk of Local Government revenue in Nigeria is derived from
  • State Allocations
  • Federation Account
  • Loan Facilities
  • Market and Motor Park Rates


  • ANS: Federation Account


  1. The judicial Order requiring a detained person to be brought before a judge is the writ of?
  • Prohibition
  • Habeas Corpus
  • Mandamus
  • Certiorari


  • ANS: Habeas Corpus


  1. Political Parties aim at doing the following except
  • Forming a government
  • Educating the electorate politically
  • Organizing general elections
  • Contesting elections


ANS: Organizing general elections

  1. Membership of pressure groups is usually limited because they
  • Do not have dynamic leadership
  • Promote the interest of the government
  • Promote other people’s interest
  • Pursue specific and narrow objectives


  • ANS: Pursue specific and narrow objectives


  1. Elections are carried out to
  • Provide permanent employment for the people
  • Know the number of people in the country
  • Make people choose their leaders
  • Know the social amenities in the community


ANS: Make people choose their leaders

  1. Power is transformed into legal authority by
  • Legitimacy
  • Force
  • Prayers
  • Influence


  • ANS: Legitimacy


  1. An advantage of a flexible constitution is that it
  • Can be amended by a simple majority
  • Can be easily manipulated
  • Is best suited for a federation
  • Can lead to dictatorship


ANS: Can be amended by a simple majority


  1. An association whose major aim is to influence government policies is
  • Political Party
  • Pressure group
  • Public corporation
  • Civil Service


  • ANS: Pressure group


  1. Which of the following is the highest court in Nigeria
  • Appeal Court
  • Magistrate Court
  • Sharia Court
  • Supreme Court


  • ANS: Supreme Court


  1. Which of these is not a major objective of the colonialists in Nigeria
  • Adventure
  • Educational expansion
  • Market Expansion
  • Missionary activities


  • ANS: Educational expansion


  1. Introduction of taxation in the Southern part of Nigeria lead to
  • Appointment of warrant Chiefs
  • Aba Women Riot
  • The promotion of age grades activities
  • The recognition of traditional rulers


ANS: Aba Women Riot

  1. Payment of tax by citizens as and when due is
  • Duty and Obligation
  • Privilege
  • Social Service
  • Fundamental Human Right


ANS: Duty and Obligation

  1. The basic aim of deregulation is to ensure that economic decisions are determined by
  • Financial establishments
  • Organized private sector
  • Regulatory agencies
  • Market forces


  • ANS: Regulatory agencies


  1. Lack of concern about political activities is called political
  • Apathy
  • Socialization
  • alienation
  • Anarchy



  • ANS: Anarchy


  1. Two major political alliances in the First Republic were
  • UPGA and NNA
  • NNDP and NEPU
  • NNA and NNDP
  • NEPU and UPGA




  1. By signing the Anglo-Nigerian Defence Pact, Nigerian demonstrated her
  • Redemption
  • Independence
  • Alignment
  • Non-alignment


  • ANS: Alignment


  1. A constitution that concentrates power in one unit of government is called
  • Rigid
  • Unitary
  • Confederal
  • Flexible


  • ANS: Unitary


  1. One of the legislature functions is to
  • Assent to bills
  • Execute laws
  • Interpret laws
  • Ratify treaties


  • ANS: Ratify treaties


  1. Constitutional monarchy is practiced in
  • Austria and Algeria
  • Australia and Tunisia
  • Morocco and Britain
  • Saudi Arabia


  • ANS: Morocco and Britain


  1. The first Pan-African Congress in Africa took place in
  • Nigeria
  • Ghana
  • Liberia
  • Kenya


  • ANS: Ghana


  1. Public opinion signifies the views of
  • The people
  • Political leaders
  • The elite
  • The poor


ANS: The people

  1. In a confederation, each component unit is
  • Completely Independent
  • Wholly subject to the center
  • Coordinate with the center
  • Virtually autonomous


ANS: Completely Independent

  1. The Precursor of the Commonwealth of Nations was
  • British Crown Congress
  • British Empire Conference
  • Imperial Conference
  • Dominion Conference


  • ANS: Dominion Conference


  1. A nation can be identified through its
  • Population
  • Culture and common language
  • Military Power
  • Constitution


  • ANS: Culture and common language


  1. The Commission on Mediation, Conciliation and Arbitration is an organ of
  • African Union
  • United Nations
  • Common Wealth
  • OPEC


ANS: African Union

  1. The form of government headed by a king is called
  • Fascism
  • Republicanism
  • Monarchy
  • Presidentialism


  • ANS: Monarchy


  1. Citizens can exercise their sovereignty by
  • Attending rallies
  • Voting at elections
  • Suing the state
  • Registering to vote


ANS: Voting at elections

  1. A country is said to operate an unwritten constitution if the
  • Constitution is not contained in a single document
  • Country does not have a printed constitution
  • Constitution cannot be written down
  • Existing constitution can be suspended at will


ANS: Constitution is not contained in a single document

  1. A network of groups of people in an institution expressing human association is
  • Community
  • Country
  • State
  • Society


  • ANS: Society


  1. Development of attitudes and beliefs about a political system is
  • Political orientation
  • Political Socialization
  • Political Culture
  • Political Apathy


  • ANS: Political Socialization


  1. Policy of assimilation was the colonial policy of the
  • British
  • French
  • German
  • Portuguese


  • ANS: French


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