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Many of you have been hearing about oriflame, her products and claims about people making tons of cash off it. My dear it is very true. I had the opportunity of speaking with one of its consultants, a friend of mine and she has been making so much off the oriflame market. YES! Oriflame is very active in NIGERIA. You can still make money despite a harsh economy. If you would like to become a consultant, I will provide her name and number at the end of this post.

So, in accordance with our bid to always keep you informed, I got some information from this friend of mine who was willing to share and fill you guys in on the oriflame marketing business opportunity.

DID YOU KNOW??? Annual Oriflame revenue recently exceeded $2billion. So if you have been wondering how you can make money by selling products, this might be for you.


Oriflame is the number one European cosmetics company selling direct. It was created by two brothers, Jonas and Robert af Jochnick in 1967(52years ago) and currently has over 2million independent consultants in the world.

In Nigeria currently, the company has over 400,000 consultants and has richly changed the lives of each of them alongside 20,000 major beneficiaries. Oriflame is not just a regular cosmetics company like every other because every single one of its products is healthy and organically sourced. The company has a research and development center where a number of scientists are tirelessly making researches for new products and improving existing ones. Oriflame has about 1000 products currently and releases about 50 new products yearly. So there are many categories of users you can sell to.


Oriflame is different because you do not only get organic and skin friendly products but you also get to earn from these products. As a registered consultant or a registered distributor for these products, this company pays you according to what you buy. AMAZING RIGHT?!

Take for example, you buy a bag of attachments, say 500,000naira worth of attachments. The attachment company doesn’t recognize your sales; neither do they pay you for the large quantity you buy. The only money you get is from the profit of your personal sales of that attachment.

Oriflame is different because

  • You get the products directly from the company i.e. no middle man (no extra cost added to products by wholesalers e.g. transport cost)
  • Depending on the quantity of products you buy, the company pays you for buying so much. This is an encouragement to buy more.



Oriflame products

Oriflame products

When I started my business, I started with just 5,000naira. I made about 10times that amount, which is 50,000naira in a very short period. This money was not just only from my sales of the product but also from the payment I received from the company. For the different times I have bought and sold in bulk, I have been paid about 15,000naira.

With Oriflame, you are not working for the company, but you are working for yourself because it is a personal marketing of the goods and personal sales. You are an ENTREPRENEUR. You can practically sell these products on your facebook or whatsapp, without having a fixed store. There are tons of customers around you. Your phone can really be all you need to make this money.



·         By selling Oriflame products,

·         Monthly payment based on monthly performance,

·         Cash awards from oriflame in qualifications.


So what are you waiting for? Why not join the money train today?

My name is Karina Lovet Kigigha. If you would like to become an oriflame consultant, buy products or get more information, you can contact me on +2348147537017 or send a mail to


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