10 Silly Mistakes You Must Not Make In Jamb 2019

jamb 2019 cbt examAre you preparing to pass your Jamb 2019 in one sitting? Then you should read this article.

It can be very painful when you see your jamb 2019 results and you say “If not for this thing, I would have passed my jamb”.  There are many challenges with the Jamb 2019, especially with registration and a number of other things.

Every Jambite wants to succeed but without proper care, these mistakes can be very detrimental to you and can make you sit at home for another year. As they say, a word is enough for the wise.



1.     Allowing Someone Register for You

Nobody can ever take your business more serious than you yourself. To avoid any cock and bull stories, make sure you handle registration by yourself and follow due procedures. Click to read on registration

2.     Mistakes in Jamb Profile Creation

Once you create your jamb 2019 profile, It cannot be edited! Make sure you input correct details. Always cross check your details. Once you are sure there is no mistake, you can proceed to approved CBT Centers for registration.

3.     Going to Cyber Cafes

Jamb stated clearly, that cyber cafes are not authorized to register candidates for jamb 2019. These cyber cafes sometimes are the causes of errors in candidates profiles and often sell fake forms at times.

4.     Looking for Expo and Special Centers

A lot of news is going around now about paying for jamb runz and link up for special centers. My dear there is no valid expo center for jamb 2019. BEWARE of Scammers! They will only take your money and still give you wrong answers. Study well and study hard. That is the best way to pass your jamb 2019 successfully.

5.     Late Preparation

One of the silly mistakes some candidates will make in jamb 2019 is late preparation. The better prepared you are, the better you will perform. Time is on nobody’s side so do well to start your reading and get ready.

If you want to get prepare for your jamb in two weeks, click here.

6.     Not Using Past Questions

The biggest mistake anybody can make in jamb 2019 is not making use of Jamb Past Questions and Answers. If you have not started, you need to start NOW!!! It is not all about using past questions; you must know how to use it.

Read this on how to use Jamb Past Questions and Score above 300.

7.     No Fore-Knowledge of CBT Exam style

CBT exams are different from PBT exams. So many people have failed JAMB CBT exams because they are not familiar with the CBT exam style.

Read this article on Jamb CBT exam pattern

8.     Over-Confidence

Some people are already over-confident that they have passed the Jamb 2019 exam. It is a very silly mistake to be over-confident. Keep your head down and continue practicing and building yourself up. Stay Focused!

9.     Zero Time Consciousness

Time will run at its fastest speed during your Jamb 2019 exam.  If you are the slow type, you need to start working on your speed. If you want to be able to improve your exam speed and beat the time, click here.

10.  Not Praying

Able God, shower your blessings. Whether you like it or not, you must pray to God for favour. It is never all about your effort, God must be involved.

You need God’s favour for smooth exams, success, speed and so that your system doesn’t go off. If your system goes off, that is another story entirely.


Finally, believe in yourself and belief you can do it. Your Jamb 2019 will be a big success.

Drop a comment below if you have any questions.



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