11 Types of People You Will Meet in the University

meet in the Nigerian UniversitiesEveryone is always excited about getting into the university. It’s a totally exciting world on its own and you are definitely going to meet different kinds of people. The kinds of people you will meet in the university are people from backgrounds different from yours.

You must be ready to accept and tolerate people with different behaviours and manner of reasoning.

If you attended a Nigerian University, you must have definitely met some if not all of these people in one case or the other.

People You Will Meet In The University.


1.     The Bookworms

5.0 Or Nothing! These set of people are the ‘SCHOLARS’. All they are concerned about is their studies, getting their First Class and graduating as the best.

Getting a B in a course is like torture to them. They are after the A’s.

2.     The Party Freaksparty people you will meet in the university


Update!!! These ones are always aware of the hottest and trending parties on campus. They usually upgrade to become party organizers. They are never in school, and when they are, they are advertising one party or the other. Always ready for turn-up.

3.     The Politicians

Their major aim from the day they enter school is to be involved in school politics. They are the SUG candidates, Faculty executives, etc. Anywhere and anything concerning politics, you must see them there. They are usually very popular.

4.     Borrow Borrowbombers you will meet in the university

Borrow Borrow make me rich. These are the set of people you will meet in the university that are always borrowing. They can borrow from money, to books, to cloth and even pot. In short, they can borrow for Africa.

5.     Library Customer

You will be sure to always find these ones in the Library. “Baba, Howfar I wan go jack abeg, I dey come”. You can never see them without their backpacks, loaded with books.



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6.     The sons of Noah

These are the popular jingos. They know everybody and everybody knows them. From students to lecturers and even school security, they have legs everywhere. They are usually the best to run to when you have issues.

7.     Fashion god/goddess

Fashionitas you will meet in the university

These ones can dress up for class like it is their wedding day. Whether on a rainy day or hot weather, their dressing is always on point. Some of them feel they are in a competition and even begin to overdo it.

8.     The Talkative

If you see them, run away o. They can bombard you with talk for 7hours straight and they will not be tired. You must always meet one in your class or hostel.

9.     The Bombers (Copy Copy)bombers you will meet in the university

Guy how far, you don do number 1 to 40 for objectives?’ They are always early to the exam hall, ready to set formation. They can copy your work and even copy your mat no. We call them bombers and sometimes when they get caught, they are called suicide bombers.

10. The Drug Lords

Ganja men and women. They are always under the influence of something. They come alive when they hear the word weed.  A party without drugs and weed is no party at all for them. In short, if you invite them for a party, they will ask you ‘Guy weed go dey?’

11. The Upcoming Acts

Lastly, this is another set of people you will meet in the university. They are the comedians, musicians, actors, dancers, etc. They are the upcoming acts always sending you link to download their songs or inviting you to come for their shows. The truth is some will blow, and some will not. But always support them.



The Womanisers:

These set of people are always jumping from one girl to another. They can date 10 girls at a time without getting caught. They are the potential candidates for Minister of Women Affairs.

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