11 Most Profitable Low capital Businesses in Nigeria

MoneyHave you been confused about starting up a business for yourself? Are you worried that you lack adequate capital to run this business? Well, I want to show you 11 highly profitable businesses in Nigeria you can start with very low capital.

Did you know? Times of economic crisis are the best periods to start a business.

With the level of technological advancement in the world today, it is even easier and less expensive to startup businesses.

There are profitable businesses in Nigeria which you do not need a huge capital to kick start and eventually run. With great ideas, good plan and proper execution strategy, you can be a successful entrepreneur. The most important thing is striking hard and striking it right.

Think of it, some of the big brands in the society today, how did they start? Did they all start big? No! There is a stage for growth. It is highly important you channel your ambition and determination into what you do, so as to create a successful business venture. Every business requires dedication, commitment and hard work.  So, let us take a look at some of these profitable businesses.

Low Capital Profitable Businesses In Nigeria


·        Dry Cleaning Services

Population is increasing, clothes are increasing, people are getting more and more busy with their daily activities as the days go by, and so the need for dry cleaners are also increasing.

Dry cleaning is a very easy low capital business to startup in Nigeria. All you need is a good location (you can even work from your home), your work equipment and you’re good to go.

Dry cleaning is not restricted to laundry, it goes as far as carpet cleaning, car washing, etc.

·        Mini Importation Business

These days, virtually all we use is imported. Have you ever thought about taking hold of this opportunity? It is one of the hottest profitable businesses invoke now and people are making a lot of money from it. I have friends who are mini importers too. It is a very legal business also.

You can import cheap and quality products from countries with good exchange rates and sell with your targeted gain included. This business can be started on a low scale and improved to a large scale with time.


·        Agriculture

This is the next revolutionary industry in Nigeria where millionaires are currently being made. Nigerians both home and oversea are beginning to wake up to the huge potentials in Agriculture, a sector we have been neglecting over the years due to the discovery of oil.

snail rearing

Now that the oil is drying up, people are beginning to look into other sectors of the economy to create wealth. Profitable businesses with low capital startup in the agricultural sector include:

  1. Poultry Farming
  2. Snail Rearing

·        Uberpreneur (Driving for Uber)

Many people usually see it as a bad idea driving for people but if you know the amount of money involved in this business, you might as well reconsider. This business is booming in big cities like Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, etc. All you need is to be a good driver and know your city very well. Being an uberpreneur is very flexible, because you can work as long or little as you want and drive where you want. You are the boos of your own self.

Also, with Uber and other companies like taxify, you can use your own vehicle also. It can be full-time or a part-time job, depending on you. Uber drivers earn within 30,000 to 50,000 naira weekly. Depending on how much you work.


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·        Graphics Designing

If you are a lover of designs, you might want to consider going into graphics design. It is a high praying profitable business in Nigeria and it is on high demand. All it requires is building of your skills and creativity. Read on how to improve creativity.

Graphics designers connected to big brands are highly paid. The beauty of graphics design is that you can work for as many brands as you want. It is important to make good use of your social media accounts to always publicize your works. All you need to start this business are the necessary design software and a good laptop.

·        Small Chops Food Business

The desire for small chops meals has been increasing over the years. You can brand your business and become a supplier of small chops at weddings, parties, funerals, etc. You might be thinking that there are a lot of people already offering this service, but also ask yourself, is there a shortage in demand? The key to success in this business is creativity and packaging.

·        Blogging

Tens of thousands of bloggers are making money off blogging. Don’t ever feel is it outdated because it is not. No matter the type of niche you want to go into, be it fashion, relationship, news, gossip, education, etc.

There are so many opportunities available to you. Good money is made through Google AdSense and also through selling of your products and advertisement on your blog.  All you need to do is to sharpen your writing ability, learn how to write post that attracts readers and understand your audience.

·        Web Design and Development

As I said before, high level of technological advancement has increased the number of low capital businesses. A web designer can charge as much as 50,000-200,000 naira per website project. All you need is to have the necessary web development skills.

counting money

·        Fashion Designing

Fashion Designers are the next big things in Nigeria. Population is increasing and therefore the demand for clothes will also increase.  It is a very well paid business and has a big capacity for growth.

All you need is the passion, creativity and a machine. Most fashion designers in Nigeria are now opening fashion schools where they train intending designers and also employ personal workers. This makes you a brand on  your own.

There are levels to fashion designing. You can be the designer of your neighbors and those around you and you can also be the designer of top officials like government officials. Either way, it is a woprld of opportunities.

·        Home Based Bakery

Nowadays, you mustn’t have a giant bakery to sell your cakes and the rest. You can work from home, to reduce cost. Baking has become one of the most profitable businesses for so many Nigerians. Most people have even taken it professionally and are full time bakers.

All it requires is your skills, creativity and packaging. Weddings, birthdays and all special occasions in Nigeria are never complete without cakes and pastries, so it is a world to explore. With the influence of the social media, you can even get customers by merely showcasing your works online.

·        Social Media Marketing

Have you ever asked yourself, what am I doing with this large number of Instagram and Facebook followers? Do you know that you can make money through your large social media audience? Social media marketing is huge.

Once you have large number of followers on your social media pages, major brands and companies are ready to work with you. Some social media marketers charge as much as 100,000 per post to advertise for these big brands. Some even get as much as 5 posts per day.

So instead of piling up followers for nothing, let them bring you money too.

In conclusion, your determination hard work and creativity  is what you need to make a small scale business blossom and grow. Do not look down on any passion or ambition you have. Your low capital business can grow and rank among the most profitable businesses in your state or city.


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