Summary of Sweet Sixteen by Bolaji Abdullahi (JAMB New Novel)

Sweet Sixteen by Bolaji AbdullahiThe recommended novel for the 2019 JAMB examination for candidates is Sweet Sixteen by Bolaji Abdullahi. If you want to score high in the English category which is compulsory for everyone, you must be familiar with the novel. Peradventure you haven’t bought the book or you haven’t read it yet, this is a summary of sweet sixteen which will help you and give an idea of what the book is all about.

Also, do well to take note of all information provided in this summary. I will also type them in bold prints, so as to make sure you take note of them.


  • Author: Bolaji Abdullahi
  • Genre: Prose-fiction
  • Number of Pages: 157
  • Published: 1st February 2017


Firstly, the author, Bolaji Abdullahi focuses on the challenging world of teenagers and young adults.

The book, sweet sixteen introduces a 16 year old girl called Aliya as the protagonist. Her father, Mr. Bello in adoration refers to her as My First Lady. Aliya his daughter is always fond of asking him very weird questions, which sometimes sweeps him off his feet. In a particular scene, she said “Daddy, what does HAK and KOTL mean?” Her father, being an elderly man not familiar with such acronyms, expresses his ignorance. Aliya answered and made her father know that HAK means Hugs and Kisses while KOTL stands for Kiss On The Lips.

Her father, who still sees her as his little angel is shocked when she opens up to him that some students in her school were caught having S#X in the basketball court. Mr. Bello is still shocked at his innocent angel but she simply replies “Come on Daddy, everyone knows these things”.


This book is split into seven sections, namely:

  • The Letter
  • Drive
  • Work
  • Gandhi Test
  • Dating
  • The Stereotype

The novel focuses on a number of conversations between Aliya the 16 year old girl and Mr. Bello her father on the facts of life. The book editor Molara Wood refers to these topics as everything a teenage girl ever wanted to know but was afraid to ask. The book also depicts a parenting manual and a book guide for teenagers. It shows reasons why information like sex education should be exposed to young adults, rather than being hidden from them.

In UK for example, most parents do not think sex education should be taught to children in school. They are more comfortable with it being a parent’s choice. Just like the case of Aliya, most teenagers are fully aware of these things being hidden from them. Subsequently, an expert stated that giving sec education to children doesn’t encourage them to engage in sex but teaches them that abstinence is the best way to avoid pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

Bolaji Abdullahi was a former minister of Youths and Sports, and this knowledge in the field must have given him a foresight on these young adults topics like dating, beauty, bullying, sex education, etc. He communicates his ideas by using Aliya as an ally, an inquisitive teenager and Mr. Bello a loving father who is ready to teach his daughter on such sensitive topics rather than shy away. In addition, Aliya must be lucky to have a father  who doesn’t leave her to wallow in the struggles of the teenage hood.

In conclusion, a connection is drawn between fact and fiction making it possible for lessons to be learnt from the book Sweet Sixteen.

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