Success is loadingEveryone has their own idea of what success is. But it all leads to one particular direction. Success is like a house built by the combination of different number of blocks. So do you think you just need a high paying job or business to succeed? You’ve got it all wrong. Many factors must come into play for any man to succeed. The car you drive, the job you have, the money you have isn’t success. Rather they are the benefits or results of success. Feel me?

So what is success? To me success is being able to achieve the entire things you’ve always wanted to achieve. What’s your own definition? I’ll like to see it in the comment section but whatever it is; I believe we are all driving to the same bus stop.

Success is achieved by building the right traits inside of you which will determine what you can achieve outside. So you have to be inwardly gallant to be outwardly successful. Let’s dive Into the business of the day. What are these important things you and I need to succeed?


You can Do it

What else do you need than the strong belief that you can succeed? You can never unlock your full potentials when you still doubt yourself. You can fly only if you believe. The power of self-belief has skyrocketed men to great heights they never imagined they would reach. You must believe in yourself, your dreams and your passion. This gives you a high chance of being successful in whatever you do. Do not settle for less because you doubt your ability to achieve something; doubt that doubt. On the road to success, there is a lot of rejection, criticism, etc. but only you will to believe in yourself can keep you going.


Self-discipline is another word for self-control and it is key to success in life. Your ability to discipline yourself affects everything you do. Self-discipline enables you to focus on those dreams you have and bring them to actual reality. You must be disciplined in life to understand that there is a balance to everything in life. Know when to say YES or when to say NO. Know when to GO or when to WAIT.


Ever heard of the saying that “a bad attitude is like a flat tire because it gets you nowhere”?? Well this is 100% true. Your attitude relates to your character. Who you actually are, how you relate with people, what you do when you’re alone and away from the crowd. Having a good attitude/character puts you ahead and enables you develop and build good relationships and networks which can open doors of success to you.



Your creative power is an important spice to success (everywhere stew). You may have a thousand competitors who might seem more qualified than you are, but your ability to be creative can set you high above them and guarantee you good success. Learn to improve and develop your creative spirit. To do this, you can read my article on HOW TO IMPROVE CREATIVITY


Work Hard

Ants work hard; why shouldn’t you?

Nothing good ever comes easy. Success comes to those people who are ready to go the extra mile, put in more effort than others and find answers to those questions everyone is asking that seem unanswerable. If you want to be successful, you must be ready to work hard. Do not wait for anyone to serve you on a platter of gold because it certainly doesn’t work that way. Hard work enables you know the value of success.


Successful people never give up. You have a goal; you have a focus; stay with it and pursue it even in the midst of terrible circumstances. Persevere and hold on to that thing you believe in. The famous actor Sylvester Stallone (Rambo) gave his story of how he failed so many times in his attempt to be an actor. But he never gave up and here he is today. No one can stop you except YOU.


If you have any other contributions, I’ll love to see them in the comment section.

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