7 Types of Friends You Must Avoid

Bad friends are easy to findAs the saying goes, your friends can make you or mar you. So what are the types of friends you need and you do not need?

I used to have a whole lot of friends few years back because I loved associating so much. But as time went on, my interests began to change. I had a clearer vision of who I wanted to be. This made me lose some friends and make some new ones.

Some of these friends I had to let go off were holding me down rather than pushing towards my goal in life. There are times you have to spot out who exactly is being toxic in your life. This sometimes can be the key to your success. The people you associate with the most, you become.

Here are some types of friends you might really want to avoid in life:

1.     The Bad Energy Vibers:

These set of friends never have good news or conversations to bring. After spending some time with them, you always feel drained and a bit down. If you are always exhausted after spending some time with someone, you should be sure that they will take all the good energy away from you. You will consequently have nothing left to give yourself and others.

As the song goes “Bad Energy Stay Far Away”.

2.     The Collectors:

We have all come across friends like this. You have to be very careful with collectors. Friendship should be two sided and not one sided. There are people who constantly take from you and never try to give. If you are a generous person, you have to be even more careful. They see taking from you as their responsibility and careless about whether it is convenient or not for you.

3.     The Back Stabbers:Back stabbers

Are you aware that not all the people you call friends actually like you? There are those friends who pretend to be on your side but in reality, they do not like you a bit and they do not want the best for you. Your intuition always tells you about people like this. People who stab you at your back are as deadly as pythons.

4.     The Disappearing Magicians:

These types of friends are your ride or die when they are single. But when they enter into a relationship, they go ghost on you. Also, when they go through a breakup, they come back running to you to cry and seek consolation. It is bad to have friends who are never there for you but only come around when they need you.

As your life changes

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5.     The Big Babies:

These types of friends are the immature ones who have refused to grow up. They never take responsibility and accountability for their actions but always chose child-like reactions in all their dealings.

6.     The Chief Judges:

They always have expectations upon expectations and whenever you do not meet them, they always make you feel bad about it.  These expectations usually revolve around themselves and their personal benefits. You need accommodating and supporting friends, not friends who judge you for every mistake you make and pressure you into unnecessary guilt. They also tend to bring down your self esteem. A low self esteem will do you more hard than good. Here is how to overcome it. TACKLING LOW SELF-ESTEEM AMONG PEERS

7.     The Trouble Magnets

These types of friends are always bringing you trouble. All they do is make trouble and cause strife. This can be very bad for your own image because your friends say very much about you whether you like it or not.

In conclusion, Life is already stressful. Do not let someone make it more stressful all in the name of friendship. Let go of everything that seems too difficult for you to handle.

Bad Energy Stay Far Way!




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